MSGF——Attractive Scholarship Special for BiMBAers

Master of Science in Global Finance

To accommodate increasing demands of BiMBA students and alumni for post-MBA study and to meet the market demand for highly internationalized business leaders and financial talents, BiMBA launched this Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF) program in 2010 in collaboration with Fordham University in the New York City, United States.

Featured by time-efficient program design, integration of theories and practicalities on both American and Chinese markets, this program offers an opportunity for BiMBA students and alumni to acquire the ability to implement corporate goals through financial strategies that use the opportunities available in today’s global financial markets. They will also have the unique advantage of receiving a Master’s degree from a well-known American University, joining the alumni networks of Fordham University and Fordham’s partner universities.

This program is also aimed at expanding students’ career options. It will help those students who already hold a management position develop a strong ability to implement corporate financial goals and formulate financial strategies in a global context. Those who have keen interest in the financial industry and consider going into the field as professionals are also suitable participants of the program.


This program allows students to transfer 12 credits from the MBA/EMBA program towards the MSGF degree. In addition to the four transfer courses, students are required to take another six courses to obtain the Fordham MSGF degree.

Global Financial Markets and Institutions

Contemporary Issues in Global Finance

Raising Capital and Investing in Global Markets

Global Equity Portfolio Management

Machine Learning for Finance

Global Risk Management


US$ 21,193


An average of $4,000 scholarship for each BiMBA applicant.

Application Deadline

Feb. 7, 2021

Please contact 010-62754486/13910997109, or for more information.