CGTN青年共产党员系列报道:传递正能量,为中国优质高炉耐火材料创新贡献自己的微薄之力 — 徐潇晗(国发院2020级北大- UCL MBA在职班学生)

徐潇晗是企业负责人;回到家,她是两个女儿的“超人妈妈”。20多年前,徐潇晗的父亲作为国家冶炼行业的专业官员,辞职创业,成功研制出中国自己的优质高炉耐火材料,将中国高炉的寿命延长了10年。如今她承接衣钵,希望能够继续为中国制造做出贡献。 CGTN's special series "Architects of the Future" brings you a closer look at the young members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to see how their dedication has improved society. In this episode, we hear about the owner of a business producing non-metallic material used to protect the interior of furnaces. Shifting between her roles as a company owner, a mother of two, a daughter and a young CPC member, Xu Xiaohan tells us about her life, her business and her outlook for China's future.